Welcome to The Fat Cats!

We review various cup, tumbler, and thermos products for coffee, tea and more. We started this site because we could not find many resources that actually compared the various coffee and tea travel cups we found on Amazon; it became frustrating for us to figure out what cup to purchase.

As heavy coffee and tea drinkers and as people who are on the road a lot, finding the perfect cup was important to us. That’s why we started The Fat Cats, where we write detailed reviews on the various thermos, tumblers, and cups on Amazon.

We do our best to compare and contrast the many cups we find and provide our recommendations at each price point. Check out our tumbler buying guide for a quick start or if you’re looking for a deep dive, head onto our individual reviews for each product.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at The Fat Cats and leave a bit more knowledgeable about travel cups than you were before!